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Core Design Communications specialise in web design, graphic design, branding & digital marketing.

In order to be successful you need to know where you are heading and with Core Design understanding your wants and needs, we will navigate your business to reach your business goals.

We use our creative skills and our vast marketing experience to advise and implement sales winning marketing for the web and in print.

Soar above your competitors with us

Research, Planning, Audience, Product / Service, Message & Media Consultancy
Logo Design, Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Brand Guidelines
Custom Web Design, Responsive Design, CMS (Content Managed Systems)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay-Per-Cick Advertising, Social Media, Blogging, Email Campaigns
Stationery, Brochures, Leaflets, Signage, Sales Packs, Exhibition Graphics, Advertising Campaigns
Stationery, Brochures, Flyers, Signs, Sales Packs, Exhibition Graphics, Branded Promotional Items

Short Video Clips, Short Graphic Based Videos, Videos for Business
Press Releases, Advertising Copy, Website Content, Blog Copy, Content for Mailers
Online Shops, Sales Portals, Online Payments

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Within 1 month my website was bringing in much needed work

I used Core Design to launch my online repairs business. Paul understood my business which was a great help to me. He told me how my online search engine optimisation would work which gave me confidence that I would get customers to my business. Within 1 month my website was bringing in much needed work and I have never looked back.
I would recommend to any business for any marketing work.

Fix Headphones

Impressed with their professionalism and creative flair

I have repeatedly employed the services of Core Design since 2008 in numerous marketing areas including branding, graphic design, promotional leaflets, website creation and social media enhancement and I have always been impressed with their professionalism and creative flair. They have worked really hard to get to know my business and to understand my vision for the company which has meant that the marketing they have produced for me is not only strategically well planned and executed but that it accurately reflects my business needs. I am very happy to recommend Core Design and if you utilise their skills you can be sure that the marketing material they produce for you will be contemporary and effective and wrapped up in a very friendly, personal and attentive service.

Anne Harrington
Harrington and Co

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Core – your local Web Design Coventry

Core Design are a Coventry Based Web Design Agency aiming at offering cost effective web design and online marketing services to businesses based in the local area of Coventry, Nuneaton, Rugby, Warwick, Leamington Spa and Stratford Upon Avon.

Our web design coventry agency has a vast experience designing and building websites that projects our customers online and web brand in the best way and more importantly gain our clients business and in turn make our clients money.

Whether you need to stand out in what is becoming increasingly a competitive platform on the web or to launch an eCommerce store on the web, our website designers will create you a stunning new website to fulfil your web needs.

From our initial consultation and reviewing of your market and your competitors right through to the website launch our aim as a web design company is to make the experience with us at Core Design as easy as possible.

Your Online Marketing Strategy

We understand thinking of having a new custom built web design can seem daunting, with so many different avenues to consider it is important that you choose the correct web design company.

Whether we are designing and developing your business with a simple web design site right through to a full blown eCommerce store, it is crucial that we have in place an Online Marketing Strategy for your business.

Trusted for over 15 years, loved forever

We like to undertake a different approach when it comes to managing our marketing projects whether its for web design or print communications.From working within the graphic design, web design and marketing industry we have found many other local web agencies & freelance web designers do not plan or even explain what the client will get. We can involve our clients throughout the web design process and build every step of the way or take full control depending on what the client prefers.

We find this way we can ensure that we meet your expectations first time.

FREE Web Design Quote

Providing a feature packed business winning web design is just the beginning when dealing with Core Design Coventry. Start your journey today with a free web design quotation and we will guide you to your desired destination.

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Getting set

Before a business can fly there are certain checks that need to be made first.

This is a 2 stage process that needs to be completed. They are, understanding your business, and reviewing your competitors.

Firstly we take the time to understand your businesses goals and ambitions for the future. Every business has different reasons why they want a website.

Therefore the overall success of the web design and marketing project is not always based on an increase in enquiries or sales.

We deal with individuals and local businesses sometimes who have a complex service or product and need a way to explain fully what it is and does. Sometimes a website is used to point customers to it for online bookings or to sign subscribers to a scheme or even for email marketing campaigns.

So by us understanding your business and your aims at the beginning, we can ensure that this is acted upon into the web design. With this in place our web design agency can start out developing you the right and proper web design.

After this we will review your industry sector reporting back on who we have found to be your main competitors. If you know who your main competitors are we can review their website and and online presence straight away

We can also review their branding within our report.

Doing this exercise enables us to understand your industry sector in more detail which in turn makes any recommendation that we make easier as its from a point of understanding. We can quickly become very knowledgeable about you and your competitors. By having this knowledge we can advise of the best way to get above your competition in general marketing and specifically in web design.

We then can guarantee that we can design and deliver a website design that meets your expectations.

Website launch (The website design process)

We at Core web design coventry have many proven years of success that follows a common sense approach to delivering a successful web design project.

Initial Web Consultation

It is important that the website we design and develop meets your requirements, branding guidelines and your expectations in general. This is why the first step on the process is the “Initial Web design and Build Consultation”.

We aim to deliver all of our consultations face to face, we believe this is the best method for you to clearly see how we plan to create and expand your business online.

In the initial meeting we will aim to begin re affirming our thoughts and aim at getting some agreement about the web project.

Understanding your Businesses Needs and your Competitor Analysis

Once we have this information we can firstly review your competitors and give you a report based on this.

From this report we then can talk through what aspects/features that you want to include in your web design as well as what type of content.

From this information we then can give a quotation for the web design work based on this so you know exactly what you are going to get.

We often show other websites to you so you can see the websites features working on other sites.

Starting the website work

Having received the content from you or having written the content for you we start out at designing the home page of the website.

The home page of the web design does create the style of the whole of the site so this needs approval from the client before we proceed with the other pages.

We then work on the rest of the web design page to page and aim at completing websites within a 4 week period from the time the home page design is approved.

This cannot be guaranteed because there are lots of variables that can affect this but be assured if you have a deadline that your website is required for we have ways of completing the site so its a useable website for the function of the deadline.

The end result is to have a fully branded and feature functioning website, designed to convert visitors into customers and built to rank organically in Search Engines.

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Planning for high quality traffic

Why choose our Warwickshire web design agency over a freelance web designer or another design agency based in the local area? This is the precise question we always encourage our potential customers to ask.

Quite simply we develop websites that work by following our key principles.

Generate High Quality Traffic Convert Traffic Increase Customer Lifetime Value

There is little point investing in all of the latest gadgets for your website if nobody is ever going to see them and engage with your website. You may have an off site marketing plan to promote your website but If you have no such plan we will advise that you have some form of online marketing with Core Web Design Coventry. As a long term investment that will always be an asset to the business we suggest organic SEO packages.

What is Organic SEO

Organic SEO work is the work that makes your website more prominent in Search Engines for a range of related and targeted keywords.

Using a range of different industry processes we will work towards ranking your website higher than your competitors for your most competitive keywords.

Organic SEO does take time, for local campaigns we advise it takes around 3 months for your website to show true ranking on Google.

What is Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click, often abbreviated as PPC, is an alternative way of your website being found and listed on Google. This process has the advantage over organic SEO in that it will start generating you SEO traffic straight away. Pay Per Click is bidding an amount of money to show your advert in the searches against certain keywords and phrases. When the advert is clicked upon it will cost the bid price at that time for the click referral.

We set up campaigns for our clients after deciding on a monthly budget based on the agreed keywords to be found under on the search engine.

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Convert Traffic

Once the traffic has arrived to your website, by either our organic SEO or Pay Per Click, it is important that your website then engages the visitor and converts them into sales or at least make an enquiry.

We do this by implementing onsite conversion rate optimisation.

The first thing is to ensure your website correctly displays on all devices and browsers.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Improving visitor to customers conversions is quite simply increasing the probability or chances that your visitor will take a desired action. It is something that can often be under estimated and ignored by other web design agencies.

This can include contacting your business through your websites contact,enquiry or quotation form, calling your business using your websites phone number, signing up to your websites newsletter, downloading your businesses app or brochure or making a purchase online through your website.

We focus on conversion rate optimisation on all of our websites. Our graphic design ability can often help for a range of techniques to ensure that visitors to your website are both engaged and ready to take action.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Design is the latest way of creating your website so it displays correctly on all types of mobile devices. We have vast knowledge on how best to implement this for our clients.

The fact that mobile devices are now used more than desk tops to access the internet means it makes total sense to design a website as Responsive.

However the website has to also be also engaging as its known that many visitors click off websites within just 3 seconds of coming onto them.

So you must guarantee that the important information is seen straight away and is presented in the right manner.

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eCommerce Shop

An eCommerce shop is a site that customers can visit and purchase from 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We at Core web design coventry have been designing e commerce websites for so many years that we have developed our own eCommerce system.

The system offers a very cost efficient way in designing and creating an online store because the sites structure and features are already in place. But it means we can offer our eCommerce stores at discounted price compared to creating a bespoke one from scratch.

Our online shops come withs with all the features that most customers will need and we give our customers a tutorial in using the power packed admin that not only allows our customers to edit and add products but allows setting up of different departments, discount vouchers, payment gateways as well as having really valuable reporting tools.

CMS (Content Management System)

CMS is just a short abbreviation for Content Management Systems. It is a piece of software that allows the author to manage the website dynamically through a dashboard without any previous web design knowledge. Clients can manage page content like text and pictures as well as galleries, navigation, blogs and enquiry forms.

WordPress Web Design

There are many types CMS Platforms, agencies and freelance designers usually have their own preference working with a maximum of 1 or 2.

We at Core Web Design mostly use the Open Source Content Management platform called WordPress.

WordPress is the most popular CMS platform within the industry, powering millions of website online.

We choose WordPress most times if a client wants an admin function because it is fairly easy to teach to a client. We also use it because it allows for the site to be expanded and added it fairly easily also which is of great benefit to our clients.

We have used WordPress on many sites that have had organic SEO work done on them, using WordPress plugins allows us to review our SEO work to the highest standards as well as WordPress sites are by nature Google friendly and so really helps with websites ranking on major search engines all over the world.

Responsive eCommerce Store

As mentioned before having a Responsive website whether its an information site or an eCommerce store cannot be under estimated. Having an engaging dynamic website that works flawlessly on mobile devices is paramount to increasing sales in today market. Mobile eCommerce, better known as mCommerce is crucial to ensuring your website stays above your competitors.

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