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Are you looking for a web design that sells your business, tells potential customers why they should choose you and will, in turn, pay for itself many times over?

Websites are possibly the best advertising medium you have for a business. So if it is, doesn’t it make sense to have it planned, designed and built exactly how you want.

Putting a bit more time and effort into it will reap the rewards that you want.

If a website lasts for 5 years for example spending a bit more at the outset makes economic sense because it will pay for itself year after year.

Responsive web design

You may by now have heard of the term ‘responsive web design’ but what does it mean?

Responsive web design is creating a website that allows it to work on any device like a mobile phone, a tablet, laptop or desktop PC.

This means for the first time your web design agency or web design company need to design your website taking this into account. We take this into account by thinking how will your web content work with your branding firstly and how will it display on all devices whether its mobile or desktop.

A responsive website lets us place telephone numbers in strategic places on the website which and by clicking them will make an immediate call to you, this really is a great feature of responsive web design.

This is just for starters

The main reason for having a Responsive web design is the way people are using mobiles to search the internet. It is predicted that this year the number of users searching the internet on mobiles will overtake the number using desktop PC’s. So it makes total sense that if you have website you need it to be responsive.

Having a responsive web design also makes the user experience better, it is known that visitors to websites take a few seconds to decide if its one they want to explore more. If they are viewing a website that is not correctly displaying on a mobile device then they will click off and go to another one that does.

Responsive web design also enables SEO work (Search Engine Optimisation) easier and it’s well documented that Google for instance welcomes responsive websites because they are set up better for its crawlers to access. Access to the website content is key for SEO work so search engines can index the page content.

You can do a bit of research yourselves

By setting up a Google analytics account, for instance, on your current website will show what percentage of visitors are coming from mobile devices.

If your page content is not optimised to display correctly, how many customers are you losing?

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